A street comprises the entire three-dimensional visual corridor, including how it relates to the adjacent development. Submissions should document the street’s character, form and function. Streets of different types are eligible, ranging from pedestrian to arterial roadways, but each should have definable characteristics. Special emphasis is placed on streets that service and take into account all users — whether auto, pedestrian, bicycle or transit riders.

Characteristics of a Great Street include:
  • Balances the competing needs of the street — driving, transit, walking, cycling, servicing, parking, drop-offs, etc. with that of adjoining land uses.
  • Capitalizes on natural features and the context in which it resides.
  • Creates an atmosphere through the use of design and architectural features. Such features should reflect the local culture or history.
  • Encourages social activity such as festivals, parades and open-air markets.
  • Employs hardscape, landscape, street furniture or other physical elements to create ambiance and atmosphere.
  • Promotes safety of pedestrians and vehicles and promotes use over the 24-hour day.
  • Is well maintained, and capable of being maintained without excessive costs.
  • Has a memorable character.
  • To the extent feasible, promotes sustainability through minimizing runoff, reusing water, ensuring groundwater quality, minimizing heat islands and responding to climatic demands.

Current Designees

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