An urban park that connects the community with the environment while offering pieces of history, South Riverwalk Park is a vibrant, 6.5-acre public space that has served residents and visitors alike in Capital City of Trenton since 2002.

Built on top of the Route 29 tunnel as a part of a significant rerouting New Jersey Department of Transportation initiative, the planning and design elements to address the city’s Master Plan objectives required Innovative construction techniques in order to reclaim and restore pedestrian access to the Delaware River Waterfront, increase safety with traffic calming measures all while offering streetscape and environmental enhancements.

Features include lawn areas, walking paths, three pavilions, benches, a waterside pedestrian esplanade, two playgrounds and an open space for public events such as the South Riverwalk Park Festival. This special and uniquely designed space is now home and host to art fairs as well as weddings, walk-a-thons and family events.

The park also has a historic interpretive area illustrating the history of Trenton and its connection to the Delaware River in five different 100-year sections. Five arches of materials represent the various eras of the city. Each are complemented with granite markers highlighting important historical events. Public art is also featured with a bronze sculpture by Gary Lee Price entitled Circle of Peace representing friendships that occur when no prejudice is present.

A well-maintained space, South Riverwalk Park has transformed Lamberton Street from what was once an inhospitable local street handling over 30,000 regional, auto-oriented trips through an underserved working-class neighborhood into a place that its residents can be proud of. This project, coupled with the redevelopment of the former Champale factory, has truly revitalized a once blighted area into a thriving community where private investment and public partnerships has brought about a vibrant place and a great public space.

Great Public Space

2018 Designee