The historic Perth Amboy waterfront in Middlesex County features a memorable historic and maritime setting that has been a huge driver of the town’s comeback. The area abounds with attractions, including a promenade, a marina, seafood restaurants, and well-preserved historic landmarks such as the former Perth Amboy Ferry Slip, now a museum. Capitalizing on its spectacular views of Raritan Bay and Staten Island, the Perth Amboy waterfront offers a wide range of recreation and well-preserved historic features that shine with local pride.

The Perth Amboy waterfront serves as a boon to the local economy by drawing visitors to its wide range of waterfront and marine-oriented recreation opportunities. The waterfront offers opportunities for fishing and boating as well as sunbathing on its pristine beaches. The waterfront also provides ample seating for those who want to rest and enjoy the scenery of sailboats or great ships heading out for the Atlantic.

Great Public Space

2012 Designee

Perth Amboy