Byrne Plaza is located in the heart of Downtown Wildwood and brings the community together for events, fun photo ops and relaxation. Situated on Pacific Avenue, just two blocks from the famous Wildwood’s Boardwalk, Byrne Plaza offers 60,000 square feet of outdoor space, with plenty of accommodations for events. The beautiful new themed venue was designed by renowned architect Richard Stokes. It features outdoor sculptures of beach balls, vast greenery, and a covered amphitheater. Opened in 2018 and managed by the Wildwood’s Business Improvement District (WBID), the $1.15 million project is anchored by a huge 25’ x 55’ covered pavilion at the west end and can accommodate audiences between 2,500 – 5,000 people for stage-based concerts and performances and up to 100 vendors. Tens of thousands of people attended approximately 80 events in 2018. Prior to the construction of Byrne Plaza there was very little activity and centralized gathering space for the community. The development of Byrne Plaza has expanded the entertainment value of the Wildwoods as a vacation destination. Now, visitors to this five-mile island can step off the boardwalk and into the Downtown District to experience a new avenue of entertainment possibilities. This increase in foot traffic also further fuels the economic engine of the downtown by drawing patrons into the many restaurants and shops that make up the Downtown District. Byrne Plaza’s prime location among local businesses, including a robust dining district, is another key factor in its contribution to the evolving Downtown Wildwood.

Great Public Space

2019 Designee